About Me

There are many times we take care of the inside of our body through exercise and watching what we eat. But, I wondered why we didn't take care of our skin. I began creating these products because I wanted to feel more comfortable in my own skin. In doing so, my confidence rose and I felt like I could carry the world on my shoulders and slay doing so! I felt complete with my mind, body, skin, and soul. 

Hello! Welcome to SunKissd! If you are here then you are looking for ways to improve your skin and increase your Self Konfidence. If I am correct, you are in the right place! Here we focus on enhancing beauty by creating three things. The first is Self Kare. Taking care of yourself is beneficial for you and the people around you. It is okay to take a moment and throw on a face mask and relax or do something that calms you. The second is by creating Self Konfidence. Social Media portrays a certain body type or skin type. Here at SunKissd we appeal to all. We should love the skin we are in and I want to help you feel more comfortable in doing so. After all, the best curve isn't just a smile. It's Self Konfidence. Finally, we create Self Kompletion. To be one with yourself and to be able to fully love ALL of you, to include the skin, is a beautiful thing.